About us


We keep changing our world

We've been on the Polish market for the last 18 years. During this time we've worked on a few thousand of projects for commercial clients and public institutions. Each of them allowed us to develop our potential and competences as well as to acquire new experience.

Not only the knowledge and extensive experience of our company but also the way of collaboration with the clients is really valuable to us. We don't rely only on one, tested and unchanged action strategy. We offer a partnership and the products, which on the basis of a caregul analysis, we adjust to individual needs of every client.

Thanks to your support, every day we have an influence on shaping the urban space, which is our common as well as individual, world. Several years of the great involvement in our work have changed the reality in whch we live today. We deeply believe that our mutual actions will result in creating a beautiful tomorrow.


One company, two stories

I perfectly remember this year...
1998 - It was then  that I was intrigued by a beautiful view in Disneyland Paris – the square decorated with high pyramides planted with the flowers. I still remember this picture, so different from the Polish grayness of the 90s. And then a certain idea came to my mind... That was something Poland needed! This idea guided me all the way back to the country. I asked my father, an engineer, for some help. Equipped with enthusiasm and the vision of changes in the surrounding urban space, we started working in a small backyard workshop...

1999 - The stage of trial and error lasted endlessly. Although the prototypes  didn't look impressive, we managed to create the Flower Tower. Together with my father we planted the very first H2400 model with the flowers. That was something!

2000 - I entered in the new millennium full of optimism and hope. I began promoting our vision of changing the Polish cities. Finally, that desired day came and the municipal authorities of Wrocław and Duszniki-Zdrój decided to acquire our products.

2002 - With time it turned out that two models weren't enough.  Each client had their own needs. I talked and listened... On the basis of the conclusions, I improved the existing models and extended the offer to the next two models, H750 and H1100.

2004 - 101... I've always been keen on numbers and that one was special for me. In June that year our two-person team exceeded the ceiling of 100 sold products.

2007 - The entry into the European Union opened new possibilities. That year we implemented the first project in Germany.

2008 - 1001... When I was travelling through Poland, I was passing by more and more of our products. Not so long time ago I dreamt about more beautiful urban space, and then I was the witness of that transformation. We sold 1001 products. These are 1001 of good changes.... Evidence? Our Flower Towers got two awards on international exhibitions.



 I've been observing you for years...

2009 - Our family bonds became foundations for creating a family company. The clash of youth with experience was the beginning of a new change...

2010 - I focused on the team building. People create the company, and people are the strength. We didn't have to wait too long for the results. Our products began getting to the farthest corners of the world. Among others, we won the contract in Casablanca in Morocco. All this time we had been working on new products. The result was the new W600 model designed for the street lamps named W600. Simultaneously, we carried out the project of the modernisation of Piotrkowska Street in Łódź in Poland where 150 lamps were decorated with W600 models. That year we also offered a new Full Service – selling constructions with blooming flowers ready to decorate the city.

2011 - Dynamic and unique – such people created the branch of Terra in Zielona Góra, Poland. This is the place where we located the creative heart of our company –  the Marketing Department. At that time we also decided to open an office in Germany.

2012 - We focused on the development that was why our product collection kept growing – we welcomed H700 and „the halves” on board!

2014 - 5001... more than 70% of the Polish cities have benefited from our solutions. The Flower Towers etched into the landscape of our country permanently. I'm proud of people who have earned this success together with me!

2016 - Nowadays Terra is one of the brands creating Terra Group. Currently we hire over 30 people and we deliver products up to 500 places in Poland, many places inEurope and in the world. It's crucial that we still work in accordance with the principles that guided my father and grandfather at the time when the company was being formed – sensitivity to the needs of the others, team work, and most of all, a sense of unity and loyalty. After all, we're family...