• population 20 014
  • civil rights since 1292
Kamienna Góra

In the south of Lower Silesian State, Poland, there is a nice and friendly town with a rich history. Kamienna Góra is a perfect place for people who love spending time in an active way and for those who look for places with a so-called "soul".

Kamienna Góra is located between two rivers and among hills and forests. However, the town is famous not only for nature but also for interesting architecture and a very characteristic residential buildings divided into the old town and the industrial side.

The old market surrounded by the tenement houses is rectangular-shaped. Only a few of these buildings retained their original look but thanks to the efforts of the authorities, the current market looks quite similar to the one from previous centuries. In 2014 the Flower Towers appeared on the cobblestone town square providing colours to the monotonous centre of Kamienna Góra.



Iwo Sznajder

H2400 models are perfect for the town square in Kamienna Góra. These big constructions are able to contain even up to 200 plants that are well maintained thanks to the built-in water system. Choose this comfort!

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Heavy traffic
Heavy traffic
An ordinary town square
An ordinary town square
No access to the nature
No access to the nature
Grey space
Grey space

The historic centre of Kamienna Góra has been created in accordance with the recommendations of previous architects. However, nowadays the cobblestone town square seemed to be too monotonous and lacked attractive colourful elements. The old market required floral decorations that would eliminate, once and for all, the greyness of the ancient walls once and for all and underline their historical value.




Traditional flower planting was impossible due to the cobblestone surface. However, such a traditional method isn’t the only solution for urban greyness that is why, Kamienna Góra chose the Flower Towers. After providing constructions, the public space immediately changed into the place pleasing to the eye without disturbing the ground. Flowers in Kamienna Góra made the whole town beautiful.

Sławomir Jankowiak

We constantly talk to our clients to find out what they need. Their suggestions and ideas have inspired us to create decorations made from the strongest high quality material. They are resistant to mechanical damage, vandalism and thieves.

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